The Network Architecture for Payment Gateways

In terms of developing a payment gateway, there is no doubt that both the security and the stability are extremely important. A typical banking system is expected to keep 100% uptime and perfect security together. Otherwise a downtime or a security vulnerability can cost astronomical prices. In addition to that, the security and the uptime […]


Turkish FinTech Eco-system: 7 Rules for An Effective UI

Firstly, thanks to the Mustafa Kalelioğlu who helped me to create this post within correct wording and terminology about UI/UX. Mustafa has hands-on experience both Fin-tech and in-depth UI/UX. As far as I’ve experienced applications of some international projects to the Turkish Fin-tech at last 15 years, the UI/UX compatibility was the key issue. Well, […]

Fin-Tech Information Technology

Chrome SameSite issue

In this post, I’m going to try to tell (as simple as possible) the new update about cookie access policy and it’s affects on some Fin-Tech process. You can also skip to how to fix same site issue post. At Early October, 2019 the Google Chromium Project announced that the new versions of the Chromium […]